Pebble Print Soft Leather Bucket Tote - Multicoloured Side Stitch

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  • This is a beautiful hand crafted genuine leather bucket tote bag
  • There is a zipped pocket inside
  • Strong inner lining
  • Leather is strong and soft

 All our bags are handcrafted by local Ugandan artisans who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. It takes a whole day for one of our artisans to make a Fairsole bag. Each bag has it's own story and is unique in one way or the other.

Some Fairsole bags may have slight imperfections or abrasions in the leather. At Fairsole we believe these give our products character and are a testament to being hand crafted by disadvantaged youth in training. Regardless, all Fairsole products are made from high quality genuine materials and are built to last a very long time. 

Fairsole employees undergo continuous training and are paid a fair wage. 

All our leather and raw materials are sourced within Africa. 

10% of our profits go towards funding a range of social impact schemes in Uganda.