Support A Child

At Fairsole, we began by creating strong and sturdy school shoes. Most roads are unpaved in Uganda. They are generally very bumpy and dusty and it is not uncommon for school children to walk many miles to and from school on such roads. This means not only do school shoes have to be affordable, but they also have to be exceptionally durable.  Most school shoes on the market are over priced and rarely last a full school term before serious damage occurs. 

At Fairsole, we use only quality materials and expert craftsmanship to ensure our school shoes are up to the task. Unfortunately, such quality means cost and this cost is almost always unaffordable to those who need them most in Uganda. 

For £14.99 we can hand craft a strong and sturdy school shoe, deliver it to a child in need and make enough profit to pay our artisans a fair wage. With your help we can ensure more children are safe from foot related diseases (especially Jiggers) and can get to and from school without impediment. 

Check out a few pictures of the school shoes we make at Fairsole:

Boy's school shoe - Genuine leather, strong and durable