Social Impact Projects

Our first social impact project is based in a small village called Kaato-Elim in Eastern Uganda's Bududa district. This is one of the most populous and also poorest districts in Uganda, which is unfortunately prone to landslides that often wipe out entire villages.

In partnership with a small primary school, we will use 10% of all our profits to fund the tuition of a group of girls who were forced to postpone their education as their parents couldn’t afford the fees.

Fairsole maintains positive personal relationships with the schools and communities we partner with. Trusted individuals monitor the children’s development 24/7, alongside representatives who conduct monthly visits. This will ensure all fees are paid properly, the children are progressing effectively and ultimately making the most of their education, as they should.

Further information and photos of the girls will be released at a later date. We will post regular updates on how much we’ve raised and how many girls we've been able to send back to school in Kaato-Elim! Check back for these details in the upcoming weeks…