About us


Every person on this planet should be given equal opportunity, no matter their circumstance, background or financial situation. Being born into poverty in Uganda means access to education and professional prospects are often particularly limited. We, Fairsole, want to change this. We aim to open the window of opportunity which, all too often, remains firmly closed.

Targeting disadvantaged young men and women with a natural flair for skilled artisanal work, we provide detailed training in this field along with access to the western market. This is accompanied by a fair wage, which enables employees to begin planning their future; something that may not have been possible previously.

Expanding and honing their already burgeoning skills means that we create a mutually beneficial relationship between the brand, the employee and the customer. Fairsole will provide a route through which disadvantaged young people can use their skills to thrive and build a better life for themselves and their communities.

Fairsole is one of the pioneering organisations in Uganda creating high quality leather products for export to western markets. All our leather and input materials are sourced within East Africa. Our products are carefully hand crafted; it takes a whole day for one of our artisans to make a tote bag. The combination of East African leather with careful hand crafting gives our products a uniquely raw feel about them. Our products are strong, robust and built to last while also adhering to a high level of style and sophistication.

Sustainable Impact

In addition to empowering disadvantaged youth through fair employment, Fairsole donates 10% of all profits to support various social impact projects around Uganda.

Unfortunately, despite good intentions, charitable projects in Africa can often only provide short-term benefits to their beneficiaries. When donations are deposited in large lump sums, long-term maintenance is difficult to monitor and sustain.

At Fairsole, we want to focus on sustainable impact. With a continuous source of revenue, we aim to consistently monitor and stay active with our projects long term. Thus, allowing long-term benefits for our target communities.

Check out our Social Impact Projects page for more information.